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Istaria Game Mod Install Directions

  1. From the start menu click on Computer
  2. Click on the drive you installed Istaria to
  3. Click on users
  4. Select Istaria
  5. Select Resource Override
  6. Move the downloaded file in the Resource Override folder
  7. Some mods require install, while others only need the file in the Resource Override Folder
***All mods belong to their perspective owners***

Map Pack Install Instructions

  1. Unzip the file (double click the file, then click 'Extract All Files' button at top left). Extract to this location: <YOUR GAME FOLDER>(most likely this would be C:\Program Files\Istaria on 32 bit Windows versions OR C:\Program Files (x86)\Istaria on 64 bitWindows versions). If you're not sure, RIGHT click the Istaria game icon (that you click to launch the game), choose Properties, to see what folder it is installed in.

    NOTE: If you already have ANY previous versions of Map Pack 3.5 installed and are updating, STOP, YOU ARE DONE AT STEP 1. Unzipping the file is the only required step for an update. You do NOT need to do steps 2 and 3 again. In fact, if you already have a previous version of map pack 3.5 installed, you can unzip the new update, even while online! As soon as you reopen your map, the updates will be shown. You do not need to go offline to do an update (only first time installation requires going offline).

    However if this is your very first time installing map pack, then proceed with Steps 2 and 3!

  2. Now edit C:\<YOUR GAME FOLDER>\Prefs\Clientprefs_common.def with notepad. To do this, Click Start button, My Computer and navigate to your game folder and find the file. (Windows XP: Right click this file, choose "Open with.." and choose Notepad).

    Windows Vista and Win7: you may need to open Notepad as Administrator to be able to save the file (access denied error when trying to save file). But try the method above first, the "Windows XP" instructions. If that fails and you get an access denied error, then you will need to the following steps instead:

    Note below are Window Vista/Win 7 instructions but will also work for Windows XP (except there is no run as administrator option, so disregard that step. Just left click the Notepad icon instead and open normally.

    • Click Start, All Programs, Accessories.
    • RIGHT click Notepad, Choose "Run as Administrator". You will likely see a prompt "Do you want to allow this program to make changes?". Choose YES!
    • Click File on top menu bar, then choose Open. On bottom right corner is a pulldown menu.
      It should already show "Text Documents (*.txt)". Click and change it to show "All files (*.*)".
    • Click Local Disk (C:) on left, then navigate to your game folder (likely C:\Program Files (x86)\Istaria), then navigate to the Prefs folder.
    • Now select the Clientprefs_common.def and click Open. Edit the file as described below. Click File (top menu bar, then Save).

    At the bottom, change this line:
    string mapPath = "resources/interface/maps"

    Change to this:
    string mapPath = "resources_override/interface/maps"

    Now save the file by clicking "File" (on top menu bar in Notepad) and choose "Save".

    Make sure you edit/save this file while OFFLINE (not playing the game). When you exit the game, it writes to this file and would undo your changes. The game doesn't recognize your changes until you start the game with the new changes. If you accidentally edited this file while online, just exit the game FIRST, THEN save the file AGAIN (after game completely shutsdown).

  3. Now start the game, you should now see the new additions when you open the Map!
***Note these instructions are taken directly from the Map Pack creator's site. All rights and ownership belong to them. These are merely here for convenience.

Coming Soon...

  1. Realistic water texture mod
  2. Dog sit mod
  3. Hotkey Icons Mod
  4. Ripped wings mod v2
  5. Istaria Dragon Crafter Calculator
  6. Hatchling, Adult, Ancient mods and instructions

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